Find out what’s good in power tools and equipment

Every power tool and piece of equipment purchased by a handyman or contractor is an investment in quality craftsmanship. Unfortunately, if you don’t know the in’s and out’s of the industry, you end up with a piece of junk or way more than you needed.

I’m Ronny McIntosh, and I am an ex-head contractor in the city of San Diego, California. For the past decade, I have managed a construction crew, and one of the key parts of my management strategy was to ensure that they had the best equipment while maintaining a budget. In order to do that, I had to do my research to ensure we weren’t cutting corners or overspending. It was a challenge.

Researching tools is a challenge because there is not one, easy source available that you can trust to give you unbiased information. They typically represent a brand or are in sales. I had to rely on my own experiences, reviews, word-of-mouth, and manufacturer’s information. The process of choosing tools was lengthy, and sometimes I still couldn’t get it right.

After over ten year’s in the industry, I became acquainted with many brands, and buying tools became simpler. My budget was not spent, and my contractors were happy with the quality of their tools. Now, I want to provide my know-how to my readers. This site is full of trusted, unbiased reviews on all sorts of air tools, power tools, and equipment contractors may be considering.

To stand up to our quality standards and receive a positive review, a product must be affordable, efficient, durable, and outperform the competition. There is no such thing as politeness or a muffling of candid words in our reviews. We give the honest truth about products, no holds barred.

Look to us for your product reviews if you want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly truth about some of these products, so you don’t get duped into buying something you’ll regret later and have to replace. We’ve used every product we review, and we interview other people who use the product to make sure that our experiences are similar. We stand by our reviews, and our honesty helps you to choose products without the worry of misinformation.

If you want an unbiased, fair, and helpful review and don’t see it on our site, contact us at this link. We are happy to add to our research subjects and review quality equipment for the contracting industry.