Put down that hammer and go pneumatic with air compressors

If you’ve used a hammer, you’ve probably experienced the tired arms, calloused hands, and crooked applications that can be frustrating when trying to do quality work. You’ve probably had blood blisters from missing the head or dented wood from the head of the hammer.

It doesn’t have to be so difficult and painful. Instead of doing it the cave man way, modernize and get an air compressor!

Air compressors with nail guns make quick work of nailing jobs, and as long as proper safety precautions are used, your arms and hands will thank you at the end of the day.


Not only is work easier with an air tool, but it turns out better. Finish work is no longer done with a hammer and a nail set. It’s done very quickly and with better results because the nail gun shoots the finish nail into the wood at the correct depth (which is adjustable on the gun).

Roofers used to use hammers on their job sites, but they are able to increase the amount of jobs they can do now because of pneumatic tools.

Air compressors don’t just replace hammers.¬†

Air tools include paint sprayers that put the perfect finish on fences, walls, and automobiles. They include pneumatic wrenches that ensure a tight fit without knuckle damage from slipped hand wrenches. Air guns can be used to inflate tires, blowup mattresses, or floats for that summer river trip.

If your car is in need of an auto detail, an air compressor can handle it, saving you over one hundred dollars at a detail shop.

There are many options when you have an air compressor, as there are many air tools available.

What type of compressor?

There are many different types of air compressors. Pancake air compressors are small and portable, and they are good for jobs that don’t require a lot of air, such as airing up a bike tire or performing a small nailing job.

Larger tanks are better for jobs that are lengthy or  repetitive, as the tank has to refill more often, so larger capacity is better.

There are mobile and stationary options, and tank sizes vary depending on need. There are also gas-powered and electric air compressors, which is more of a consideration in remote locations.

Read reviews about air compressors to make sure you know what you are getting, and make sure you get the right tools and hose for your compressor.

You won’t be disappointed with the number of ways you use this tool. It is very versatile.