Work smart, not hard with air compressors and log splitters

The argument for log splitters

If you live above a certain latitude, there’s a good chance you have a wood fireplace or stove in your home. Many are being phased out of new construction in favor of gas or forced air, but there are also newly built homes with hybrid combination furnaces that take wood. These homes require a cord or more of wood to get through the winter. The wood cutter’s client base is not going extinct any time soon.

Some people cut their own wood, and others rely on wood cutters who have created small businesses supplying homes with truckloads of wood. Split cords cost more than unsplit, and both wood cutters and homeowners benefit from the purchase of log splitters when there is wood that needs to be split. Over time, either can achieve financial gains through splitting wood.

The idea of wielding an ax is appealing to the mountain man in all of us, but splitting a cord of wood is back-breaking work. Not to mention knotted wood and poor aim causing uneven cuts. A cord of wood cut with a log splitter is even, and its owner doesn’t need an ice pack for his or her back. It also leads to a prettier wood stack. When you think about it, there really isn’t an argument not to have a log splitter if you’re going to cut wood.

the argument for air compressors

Much like log splitters, air compressors allow people to be more precise and suffer less while doing manual labor. An air compressor is a handy tool for any homeowner, and its many uses range from cleaning to nailing.

Air compressors can blow out any dusty piece of equipment that’s been in storage too long. It can even detail a vehicle. Other cleaning capacities include being hooked up to a pressure washer, and pressure washers can clean just about anything. Many people use them to clean houses or decks prior to stain or paint.

Speaking of paint, there are paint sprayers that work with air compressors. They allow for speedy and even coverage that a paint brush simply cannot provide. The quality of a paint job increases with an air compressor.

Everyday tasks can be made easier with an air compressor. Airing a bicycle or car tire is easier. Nailing or stapling is easier. Many of these tasks are also done better because of the force of the air. There are no more missed hammer strikes or bloodied knuckles due to the difficulty of manual labor.

Homeowners, it is simple. Work smarter, not harder. Your home and your body will thank you.